What are the conditions for F1 to isolate at home?

The Ministry of Health has just issued Official Letter 10696/BYT-MT on medical isolation for cases where F1 has received a full dose of vaccine or has recovered from COVID-19.

What are the conditions for F1 to isolate at home?

What are the conditions for F1 to isolate at home? (Illustration)

According to this Official Letter, currently, many provinces and cities have achieved a high rate of COVID-19 vaccine coverage for people of vaccination age, many of whom are in close contact with the confirmed case (later later). this is called F1) has received the full dose of the vaccine or has been cured of COVID-19.

In order to promptly adjust measures to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control, the Ministry of Health (the standing agency of the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 prevention and control) proposes the People's Committees of the provinces, The city directs the Department of Health and related units to implement the following contents:

F1 injects a full dose of the vaccine, isolating at home for 7 days

Those who have had a full dose of vaccine against COVID-19 (green card on the Electronic Health Book or Certificate of full dose of vaccine issued by a competent authority), the last dose has been given at least 14 days and not more than 06 months or have recovered from COVID-19 within 06 months by the time of being identified as subject F1 (with discharge certificate/certificate of recovery from COVID-19):

Carry out 07-day medical isolation at home and place of residence (if eligible for isolation at home or place of residence), self-monitor for the next 07 days.

In addition, these people must comply with 5K, if there are signs of abnormal health such as cough, fever, difficulty breathing, sore throat, loss of taste, etc., they should immediately notify the health authorities to follow. monitor and handle according to regulations;

Perform SARS-CoV-2 test by Realtime RT-PCR method or rapid antigen test 02 times (first time at the beginning of isolation, 2nd time on 7th day).

In addition, the Ministry of Health also requested to strengthen the directing and strictly implementing the management and supervision of isolation to ensure safety for epidemic prevention and control; regularly check and monitor the implementation.

Official Letter 10696/BYT-MT was issued on 16/12/2021.


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