Warning behavior of erasing, changing the expiry date of drugs on the Vietnamese market

The Drug Administration of Vietnam has sent a document to the Department of Health of the provinces, cities and pharmaceutical business establishments requesting to strengthen the inspection, examination and strictly tackling violations in pharmaceutical business activities

Strengthen the dissemination of legal regulations on pharmacy and drug quality management

The Drug Administration of Vietnam, the Ministry of Health, said that through post-inspection, the Drug Administration of Vietnam has discovered that a number of pharmaceutical business establishments have committed violations of  "wholesale of finished drugs to establishments that do not have the business function", including drugs with short remaining expiry dates, has created conditions for some subjects to erase or change the expiry dates of drugs to come  on the market.

The Drug Administration of Vietnam has imposed administrative sanction for pharmaceutical business establishments that commit the act of "wholesale of finished drugs to establishments without drug trading functions" according to its competence; Violators have been tackled by competent authorities in accordance with law.

In order to ensure the safety of users and ensure the sufficient supply of quality drugs for the prevention and treatment of diseases for the people, especially in the complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Department of Health The Drug Administration proposed that the Department of Health of the provinces and cities strengthen the dissemination to the pharmacy business establishments located in the area of ​​the drug laws, GPs standards, and regulations on management. drug quality.

Meanwhile, it is required that pharmaceutical enterprises in the area must comply with the legal provisions in pharmaceutical business activities. Strengthen the inspection and inspection of the implementation of the provisions of the law in drug trading. Strictly handle cases of selling drugs to establishments that do not conform to the business scope stated in the certificate of eligibility for pharmacy business or purchasing drugs of an establishment that does not conform to the business scope in the certificate of business eligibility pharmacy; selling drugs to establishments that do not have the function of pharmacy business; selling expired drugs...

In addition, continue to strictly implement Directive 23/CT-TTg of the Prime Minister on strengthening the management and connection of drug supply establishments. Regular access to the National Drug Database System (website address: http://duocquocgia.com.vn) to promptly detect expired or soon-to-be expired drugs at business establishments pharmaceutical enterprises in the locality, take measures to inspect, supervise, tackle and prevent the introduction and circulation of expired drugs.

For pharmaceutical business establishments, the Drug Administration of Vietnam requires strict implementation of legal regulations on pharmacy, fully applying the principles and standards of "Good practice" in drug storage (GSP), distribution drug distribution (GDP) and other appropriate measures to maintain the quality of medicines.

Pay attention to the inspection and control of drug quality and expiry date before being put on the market. Regularly update legal documents in the field of pharmacy.

Strengthening the inspection of customers' legal records, selling drugs only to pharmaceutical business establishments that have certificates of eligibility for pharmacy business with an appropriate business scope.

Source: Cổng thông tin điện tử Chính phủ

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