Strengthening the prevention of smuggling and counterfeit goods via air

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) has just issued a Plan to prevent and combat smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeit goods by air in 2022.

Strengthen inspection and supervision at sensitive locations such as aviation security checkpoints

The CAAV requests the Airport Authorities of the North, Central and South to implement and supervise the prevention and combat of smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeit goods of agencies, units, organizations, relevant individuals in the management area.

Require businesses operating in airports and aerodromes to commit to strictly complying with regulations of the Government, the Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam on combating smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeiting. Strengthen inspection and supervision at sensitive locations such as aviation security checkpoints; baggage and cargo service area; aircraft repair and maintenance area; the service area for gathering items and utensils for meals served on aircraft, especially international flights; on aircraft... in order to promptly detect and arrest when there is smuggling or illegal transportation of goods by air.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam assigned the Airports of Vietnam Corporation to direct Van Don International Airport and airports to closely coordinate with functional units of the Ministry of Public Security and the General Department of Customs to organize training for the forces. Aviation security recognizes counterfeit goods, knowledge and skills in anti-smuggling. Timely exchange information and situations related to smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeit goods in the locality as a basis for coordination in inspection, fight, prevention and handling of violations. At the same time, strictly control people, vehicles and objects entering, leaving and operating in restricted areas of airports and airfields.

Vietnam Airlines Corporation; Vietjet, Pacific Airlines, VASCO, Vietnamese Star, Tre Viet, Viettravel Airlines, Hai Au, Blue Sky direct the flight crew, the flight crew conduct internal review and regularly control the flight crew while on duty. service, thoroughly grasp and request the flight crew to strictly observe the provisions of the law on anti-smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeit goods in aviation activities; Directing the airline's aviation security department to focus on analyzing and assessing the situation, determining the key points of time, flight, flight segment, objects, methods and tricks of operation to coordinate with forces Customs and aviation security control forces have strict measures to check flights and specific objects in order to improve the combat effectiveness of the unit.

At the same time, actively and proactively coordinate with functional forces of the Ministry of Public Security to obtain information on smugglers and tricks in order to promptly supplement specific measures in the fight against smuggling. commercial fraud and counterfeiting of the entity.

For Vietnam Flight Management Corporation and businesses providing catering services, petrol, aircraft repair and maintenance, cargo and other service providers at airports and aerodromes The Department requires the units to strictly control the people, vehicles and objects of their units when entering and leaving the restricted areas of airports and aerodromes in order to prevent the implementation and abetting of passengers. smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeiting. 

Aircraft maintenance units closely inspect maintenance personnel and objects when performing field maintenance; strictly control people and objects brought on board the aircraft for internal maintenance and strictly comply with aviation security inspection regulations before handing over the aircraft.

Meal service units strictly control people, items and tools recovered after flights, especially international flights; coordinate with aviation security control forces to regularly or irregularly inspect aircraft loading and unloading and cleaning staff; garbage collection area after the flight.

Goods service units coordinate with functional agencies of Customs and Market Management to organize training courses on knowledge about smuggling; distinguish the real and fake goods to prevent from the stage of accepting and transporting the goods. At the same time, coordinate with aviation security control forces to strictly check the regulations on bringing objects in/out of restricted areas.


Source: Cổng thông tin điện tử Chính phủ

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