Rotate inspection officers at all levels to train officers in Vietnam

Rotating inspection officers at all levels is one of the tasks and solutions stated at Conclusion 34-KL/TW dated April 18, 2022 of the Politburo on the Communist Party of Vietnam's inspection and supervision strategy until 2030.

Rotate inspection officers at all levels to train and train officials in Vietnam (Illustration)

According to the conclusion, in order to constantly innovate and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Party inspection, supervision, and discipline, and actively contribute to building and correcting the Party and a clean and strong political system, it is necessary to focus on performing well a number of tasks and solutions in Vietnam.

- Form a team of impartial and integrity-inspection officers; organize the apparatus of inspection committees at all levels in a synchronous and streamlined manner, specifically:

+ Form a team of inspection officers with integrity, fairness, integrity, bravery, fighting courage, exemplary ethical qualities to uphold, a healthy lifestyle, professionalism, dedication, and responsibility.

+ Promulgate criteria, standards, and competency frameworks for inspection officers in a professional manner.

+ Rotate inspection officers at all levels to train staff.

+ Continue to study and adjust regimes and policies for inspection staff at all levels.

+ Build an organizational model of the apparatus of inspection committees at all levels to ensure synchronous, unified, streamlined, effective and efficient operation.

+ Define the organizational structure and staffing of all levels of inspection committees, including the structure and number of part-time members at all levels.

+ Develop curriculum and training materials for inspection, supervision, and discipline for members and inspection officers at all levels.

Regularly update knowledge, train and foster professional skills for members and members of inspection committees at all levels.

+ Conduct research and report to appropriate authorities for consideration and decision on piloting the party congress mechanism for electing an inspection committee; the superior inspection committee selects, introduces, and approves... members of the lower-level inspection committee in Vietnam

In addition, the Strategy also clearly states that it is necessary to focus on inspection and supervision under the motto that supervision must be expanded, inspection must have a focus, and focus on leading, directing, and organizing the implementation of resolutions, directives, and conclusions of the Party; sensitive areas, prone to violations; the practice of thrift, prevention and combat of corruption, negativity, and wastefulness; declaring assets, income,...

Strengthen inspection and supervision of leaders' responsibilities in law-making work; promptly prevent violations in legal document promulgation; and integrate "group interests" and local interests in Vietnam

Expand supervision in all areas and fields; focus on internal places showing signs of disunity and concern from the public; improve proactiveness to promptly remind, warn, prevent, and stop violations early and remotely...

See the full content at Conclusion 34-KL/TW dated April 18, 2022.

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