Research on additional tax collection for houses to limit speculation

This is one of the solutions to implement the Financial Strategy to 2030 mentioned in Decision 368/QD-TTg dated March 21, 2022.

Research on additional tax collection for houses to limit speculation

Research on additional tax collection for houses to limit speculation (Artwork)

Specifically, on solutions to improve the policy of mobilizing national financial resources, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of state budget revenue management, the Decision clearly states:

- Perfecting the policy of budget collection for land, property and natural resources; have an appropriate mechanism to exploit resources from land for socio-economic infrastructure development. In there:

+ Continue to implement agricultural land use tax exemption and reduction until the end of 2025 in accordance with the guidelines of the Party and State on agricultural, farmer and rural development.

+ Researching and perfecting the non-agricultural land use tax policy in the direction of increasing the regulation rate for land and supplementing tax collection for houses in order to encourage effective use of houses and land, contributing to limiting housing speculation. , land, ensuring mobilization of a reasonable and stable source of revenue for the state budget, in line with Vietnam's socio-economic conditions and international practices.

+ Develop tax management policies associated with housing and land management of relevant ministries and branches.

+ Research and regulate the value added from land that is not brought by the investment of land users through tax policy, collection of land use levy and land rent.

+ Researching and amending the resource tax policy, ensuring that the resource tax policy continues to be an effective tool to contribute to the management and protection of natural resources, and to encourage the economical and efficient use of resources.

In addition, the Decision also clearly states the review and adjustment of tax incentives, elimination of tax incentives that are no longer suitable for development requirements; minimize the integration of social policies in taxes and revenues.

Implement tax solutions to support businesses and people to overcome difficulties caused by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, recover and develop the economy, and ensure the state budget-financial balance.

See details in Decision 368/QD-TTg issued on March 21, 2022.


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