Proposing housing support for poor households in poor districts

This is the content of the draft Circular regulating the management, use and settlement of non-business funds from the central budget for the implementation of the National Target Program on Sustainable Poverty Reduction in the 2021-2025 period set by the Ministry of Finance. presiding over the drafting.

Proposing housing support for poor households in poor districts

Proposal to support housing for poor households in poor districts (Illustration image)

Accordingly, the draft clearly states that, based on local socio-economic development conditions, local budget balancing ability, the provincial People's Councils decide on the level of housing support for poor, near-impaired households. poor in poor districts from the state budget.

The maximum local support from the central budget:

+ 40,000,000 VND/household for new housing construction;

+ 20,000,000 VND/household for house repair.

Conditions for housing support for poor households and near-poor households in poor districts shall comply with the guidance of the Ministry of Construction.

About the payment mechanism :

- For the case people do it themselves: Based on the list of households receiving housing support and the specific support level approved by the competent authority, the commune-level People's Committee will provide the first support. % of support capital for households carrying out new construction after completing the foundation and for households repairing existing houses after completing 30% of the work volume; disburse the rest after the households complete the project.

- For the case where the agency or unit is the investor: The payment shall comply with the provisions of law on maintenance and repair of public property.
In addition, the draft also proposes a project to develop vocational education and sustainable employment.
In which, providing vocational training for employees of poor households, near-poor households, newly escaped poor households, and low-income workers according to the provisions of Clause 9 Article 14 of the draft as follows: Primary level, vocational training for less than 3 months: Conditions for learners to receive training support, content and level of support comply with the provisions of Articles 4 and 7 of Circular 152/2016/TT-BTC and Clause 3 Article 1 of Circular 40/2019/TT-BTC ;
- Training at intermediate and college levels: Comply with the law on bidding, ordering, and assigning tasks.

Draft Circular


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