Prime Minister of Vietnam - Pham Minh Chinh presides over the regular Government meeting in November 2021

On December 2, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh chaired the regular Government meeting in November 2021. The meeting focused on discussing the socio-economic situation in November and 11 months in Vietnam, and meanwhile, giving opinions on the draft Resolution on the main tasks and solutions for the implementation of the Socio-economic Development Plan and the State budget estimate in Vietnam in 2022.

Co-chairing the meeting were Permanent Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam, Pham Binh Minh, Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam, Le Minh Khai, Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam, Vu Duc Dam, Vice President of Vietnam, Vo Thi Anh Xuan and comrade Dinh Van An, Assistant General Secretary of Vietnam attended the meeting.

The report of the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnma and the comments at the meeting said that ministries, agencies and localities of Vietnam had thoroughly grasped, drastically and effectively implemented Resolution 128/NQ-CP provisional regulations on safe adaptation, flexibility, and effective disease control in November.

Production and business activities continued to recover in the new normal state. Agricultural production was basically stable, productivity and output increased quite well. Industrial production recovered in most localities, especially in the South. Commercial and service recover quickly after reopening. The business situation achieved many positive results. Macro-economic stability, low inflation; great balances are guaranteed. Cultural and social fields are paid attention and strengthened. Security, order, safety, people's safety and national defense are maintained; foreign activities are promoted.

These results continue to confirm the important meaning, the right direction, timeliness and effectiveness of the issuance of Resolution 128/NQ-CP; shows the confidence of businesses in the resilience and economic development.

In addition, the comments also stated that our country still faces great difficulties and challenges, mainly due to the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic in Vietnam and the appearance of new variations in the world; The world economy recovered but was unstable, with many potential risks, challenges on financial stability, shortage of energy supply; capacity of the grassroots health system, preventive medicine, production of drugs, equipment, and medical supplies in the country has not promptly met requirements for disease prevention and control when unexpected and complicated situations arise. …

The above fact requires all levels and sectors to keep abreast of disease developments, prepare resources, and have a plan to proactively respond to any situation that occurs, not being subjective, negligent, or lethargic; at the same time, being steadfast, determined, thoroughly grasping the concept of "safely adapting, flexibly, effectively controlling the COVID-19 epidemic", striving to achieve the highest possible growth rate in 2021, creating a foundation and driving force for solid recovery and development in Vietnam from 2022.

Vice President of Vietnam,Vo Thi Anh Xuan, said that the international public and the people in general recognized and appreciated the leadership of the Party, the drastic, effective and highly responsible management of the Government during this time. In particular, she pointed out a number of highlights in the direction and administration of the Government such as the control and prevention of epidemics becoming more and more methodical and orderly, achieving better results than before, although there are still many things that need to be done. The Government has also proposed to the competent authorities and basically promptly and effectively implemented policies to support objects, people and businesses affected and impacted by the epidemic. Along with that, Vietnam also focused on implementing a number of major undertakings, policies and strategies of the entire term.

Concluding the meeting, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh acknowledged and highly appreciated the statements of responsibility and enthusiasm, assigned the Government Office, the Ministry of Planning and Investment to coordinate with relevant agencies to absorb relevant comments and close to the situation to supplement the reports and drafts of the meeting.

The Prime Minister stated that in November, besides regular tasks, we also implemented many unexpected tasks. The Government continues to spend time and focus on building and perfecting institutions, issuing 9 decrees and 3 decisions of the Prime Minister. The Government participated, actively and effectively served, contributed to the success of the second session of the 15th National Assembly, submitted 55 projects and reports, and members of the Government answered questions and gave explanations on the issues of concern to the National Assembly deputies and voters. The Government and functional agencies continue to prepare for the upcoming session of the National Assembly; actively develop and finalize the draft project on the overall strategy for COVID-19 prevention and control and the draft project on the program on socio-economic recovery and development. The Government and agencies have also contributed to the preparation and successful organization of the National Cultural Conference and are actively implementing for upcoming major conferences to implement the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress. Also in the past month, the external activities of the leaders of the Party and State took place very actively in accordance with the foreign policy of the 13th National Congress.

Overall, the Prime Minister stated: The epidemic situation is still under control nationwide, positively affecting socio-economic recovery and development. The data reported and analyzed at the meeting proved this very clearly.

The Prime Minister further emphasized a number of results achieved, such as stable macroeconomics, guaranteed large balances, sufficient revenue and expenditure, sufficient import and export, import and export reached nearly 600 billion USD, and a trade surplus returned. The needs for energy, food and food are fully met, and the labor market gradually recovers very quickly. Along with that, some noise problems that have lasted for many years have been resolved completely, such as putting the Cat Linh-Ha Dong railway project into operation...

The disbursement for social security according to Resolution 68 of the Government reached 29,000 billion VND, exceeding the previous plan (26,000 billion VND), this is a great effort of the whole political system. The field of culture continues to pay attention in the spirit of culture to pave the way for the nation, culture is the spiritual foundation of society, the goal and driving force for sustainable development of the economic, political and social goods. National defense security was maintained, foreign affairs were strengthened and expanded. Party building and political system building have been actively implemented. The fight against corruption, waste and negativity continues to be promoted, not let loose; outstanding issues are dealt with decisively.

Besides, the opinions at the meeting also pointed out many limitations and shortcomings. The epidemic is still complicated and the forecast may continue to be complicated with new strains, the number of new infections and deaths tend to increase. The Prime Minister requested the need to focus on researching, analyzing and evaluating this issue more carefully, to be very calm, not to be negligent, not to be subjective, not to be afraid, to panic in epidemic prevention and control, to implement synchronously. Effective solutions, formulas and mottos for epidemic prevention have been drawn and summarized. Socio-economic also has some potential problems in terms of bad debt, inflation, economic security, public investment, risks of real estate and securities markets. Social security still has some problems to continue to overcome. Public investment planning and disbursement is still slow. Security and defense still face many challenges.

The Prime Minister stated that the above results were achieved thanks to the leadership of the Party Central Committee, the Politburo, the Secretariat, the General Secretary, the key leaders of the Party and State; all levels and branches seriously implement and concretize the leadership, guidelines and policies of the Party; efforts and efforts of both the political system and the people and businesses. The cause of these shortcomings and limitations is that in some places, there are times when there are subjective and negligent thoughts, especially with the epidemic, some localities are loose and subjective when the epidemic is under control and after organizing vaccination vaccines; the lack of drastic in directing and administering in some places, the organization and implementation is still a weak stage.

Regarding the direction of the coming time, the Prime Minister emphasized a number of tasks. First of all, must grasp firmly, stick to reality, well forecast the situation, especially epidemic developments; persistently implement the policy of safe, flexible adaptation and effective control of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Prime Minister especially noted the task of vaccination, the vaccine is the fundamental and decisive solution to control the epidemic. Therefore, there must be a very specific and detailed plan to ensure that by mid-December, basically 2 injections must be given to the entire population aged 18 years and over; continue to give injections to people from 12 years old; develop a suitable plan and implement the 3rd injection; review the preservation, organize vaccination, conduct inspection, check, prevent and overcome inadequacies and incidents and do a good job of communication, so that there is no communication crisis. Continue to promote the domestic production of vaccines and the import of vaccines, organize safe, scientific, reasonable and effective injections... Good propaganda on epidemic prevention and control, continue to raise awareness of the people and people is the goal, the driving force, the center, and the subject in epidemic prevention and control.

Along with that, focus on removing difficulties and obstacles to accelerate disbursement of public investment capital; urgently implement the inspection and urging of 6 working groups established under the Prime Minister's Decision No. 1962 dated 22nd November. Continue to promote institutional improvement, actively coordinate with agencies of the National Assembly to prepare documents, schemes and contents to be submitted to the National Assembly at the upcoming session, ensuring quality.

Accompanied with vaccinating children, it is necessary to have a specific plan, carefully prepare the conditions for the reopening of schools, ensure safety, and meet the requirements of the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and controlling in the new situation.

The Prime Minister asked to continue promoting administrative procedure reform, supporting businesses; ensuring social security, taking care of the weak and the poor, and preparing for the people to welcome the warm, joyful, healthy and safe Tet.

Institutionalize tasks and solutions proposed by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong at the National Conference on Culture to build and develop Vietnamese culture and people in the new era.

Promote information and communication, fight and oppose disinformation, incitement and false information, strictly handle violations. Develop the 2022 foreign affairs program of key leaders, organize well external activities. Expeditiously complete the draft project on the Master Strategy for COVID-19 prevention and control and the draft project on the Socio-economic Recovery and Development Program to submit to the competent authorities.

The Prime Minister requested the ministries, branches and localities to strictly implement Official Dispatch No. 1659/CD-TTg dated November 30, 2021 on focusing on responding to and overcoming the consequences of rain and floods.

Also at the meeting, the Government basically agreed on the main contents of the draft resolution on the main tasks and solutions to implement the socio-economic development plan and the state budget estimate in 2022. .

The Prime Minister emphasized a number of additional contents, such as adding a harmonious view between economy, culture, environment, reasonable development, and a balance between industry, agriculture and services suitable to the situation and context. new scene. Following closely the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress, the conclusions of the 4th Central Committee, the National Assembly's resolutions on the socio-economic development plan and the State budget estimate in 2022 to finalize the plan, find new growth momentum.

The Prime Minister noted a number of contents such as prioritizing institutional improvement, focusing on the fields of climate change, digital transformation, three strategic breakthroughs; maintain a peaceful and politically stable environment to attract investment; promote foreign activities; improve the quality of human resources; complete new regulations on functions, tasks, powers, organizational structure of ministries, ministerial-level agencies and agencies attached to the Government; continue to step up the work of Party building and rectification, building a clean and strong political system, preventing corruption, wastefulness, negativity.../.

Source: Cổng thông tin điện tử Chính phủ

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