Police agencies warn of some new scams appearing

The Department of Cybersecurity and High-Tech Crime Prevention, Ho Chi Minh City Police has just warned people about some new scams that have appeared recently.

Fraudsters and high-tech criminals perform tricks pretending to be customer care staff of carriers, banks, and e-wallets to assist in solving problems.

Specifically, fraudsters and high-tech criminals perform tricks to impersonate customer care staff of carriers, banks, and e-wallets to assist in solving problems. Then, the bad guy asks the client to text with the syntax **21*#.

However, the **21*# syntax is actually the call forwarding syntax (Call Forward) - a service of network operators such as Mobifone, Vinaphone, and Vietnamobile that allows mobile subscribers to redirect calls to a number on-net or off-net phone. After that, the subjects will remotely log in to the victim's Momo wallet application. Momo operator will call to provide OTP code, but this call is redirected to the subject's phone number. From there, the bad guy appropriates the money in the wallet, the bank account associated with the wallet.

Bad guys can also ask customers to send text messages according to the DS syntax to 901. This is the syntax to change the phone sim to a blank sim card by texting method (SMS). Then, the bad guys will send fraudulent messages that help users upgrade the phone sim to 4G, 5G SIM.

These objects require the user to text in the above syntax. When the operation is successful, the user will lose control of the sim because the fraudster's sim becomes the "original" sim and accesses the e-wallet application and online payment application to appropriate money.

Another trick the police force also recorded recently, many people received messages with the content "Wanted Order". The content of this message states the decision-making time and wanted behavior; and ask the recipient of the message to voluntarily present themselves. When receiving a message with similar content above, many people are confused by the scammer's scheme.

Ho Chi Minh City Police advise people to be vigilant and not follow messages with fake content.

To protect their own assets, people do not provide the password and authentication code (OTP) of the e-wallet to anyone outside the application. People do not click on strange links to enter passwords and authentication codes (OTP); At the same time, always look up and find out information to make sure the purpose and meaning of the message syntaxes before implementation./.

Source: Cổng thông tin điện tử Chính phủ

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