I have been vaccinated against COVID-19 but no information is displayed on the system, can I get a vaccine passport?

All citizens who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and have entered data into the system will be issued a vaccine passport. Vaccine passports are technically valid for 12 months. After the expiration date, the system will automatically generate a new QR code.

Where is the vaccine passport updated?

According to Mr. Nguyen Ba Hung - Deputy Director of the Health Data Center, Information Technology Department, Ministry of Health, the vaccine passport is essentially a certificate of electronic vaccination. 

On this certificate, there are 11 information, full information of the vaccinated person including... Full name; Date of birth; Nationality; The disease the certification targets; Number of injections received; Date of injection; Dose No.; Vaccines; Vaccine products; Vaccine supplier or manufacturer; Certificate number.

The electronic vaccine passport has the same meaning as the paper vaccine passport, making it easier for people to travel and trade internationally.

"The essence of the electronic vaccine passport is that each citizen will have a QR code like the QR code on the current PC-COVID application, only we use the standards of the World Health Organization and the Coalition. Europe to be able to verify each other's information when going abroad," explained Deputy Director of the Health Data Center Nguyen Ba Hung.

Accordingly, each citizen who has been vaccinated against COVID-19 and has been entered by the vaccination facility into the system will be issued a vaccine passport with the information corresponding to the number of injections.

Vaccine passports will be updated on the electronic health book application, PC-COVID or the search page of the Ministry of Health (expected to be announced next week). Vaccine passports are technically valid for 12 months. After the expiration date, the system will automatically generate a new QR code.

Mr. Ba Hung also said that from March 30, 2022, the Ministry of Health has issued "vaccine passports" to more than 1,000 subjects injected at Bach Mai Hospital, next week, will issue "Vaccine passports". vaccines" for the people.

Vaccinated against COVID-19 but there is no information on the system, what should people do?

Concerned about the fact that people have been vaccinated against COVID-19 but currently there is no information on the system, Mr. Hung said: People need to send feedback to the national vaccination system to update data or Contact the vaccination facility directly for updates. If there is no data on the system, no vaccine passport will be issued.

Particularly, the case of losing the certificate of vaccination but the information on the system has been updated will not affect the issuance of vaccine passports. Therefore, people do not need to do anything to get a vaccine passport.

Concerned with those who do not use or cannot use smart phones, how will vaccine passports be issued when going abroad? Deputy Director of the Health Data Center said that the Ministry of Health is currently coordinating with units to build an information page that allows people to look up vaccine passports and will announce it next week. People can print on paper to use.

There are also opinions expressing concern about having received 3 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, which has been fully updated on the national vaccination system, but due to 2 different vaccination facilities, the vaccine passport cannot be issued. are not? Mr. Hung stated: Vaccination facilities will be responsible for signing and certifying the injections administered by the facility. The Department of Preventive Medicine conducts centralized digital signature of injections and people will receive a QR code without having to do anything else.

When going to vaccinate against COVID-19, people fully and accurately declare all information 

Currently, there are still about 80 million COVID-19 vaccine injections with incorrect information on citizen identification or have not been entered into the system. Recently, the Ministry of Health has sent a document to the People's Committees of provinces and cities to request the Department of Health to direct the Department of Health. The Health Department cooperates with the provincial police to review, verify and enter additional information. 

Through the current review and inspection, this has not been completed by the provinces, so people with incorrect information will not be able to issue vaccine passports. 

The system only issues vaccine passports to residents who have their information verified with the National Database on Population.

For people who have been vaccinated, if their information has not been updated on the system, they need to contact the injection facility or reflect on the information on the portal. The Ministry of Health will strengthen the directing and urging facilities to handle people's complaints to ensure the interests of the people.

"However, we also recommend that when going for vaccination, people fully and accurately declare information to ensure their interests related to the issuance of paper certificates as well as the issuance of electronic certificates" - Mr. Hung note.

Up to now, the coverage of COVID-19 vaccine in Vietnam has reached a very high level in the region and internationally. Vietnam is currently one of the six countries with the highest vaccination coverage rate in the world.

According to statistics on the COVID-19 vaccination portal, by the afternoon of April 1, the whole country had injected 206,338,198 doses of the vaccine against COVID-19. The coverage rate of COVID-19 vaccine for people 18 years of age and older is nearly 100%, with 2 doses is 99%, and the rate of people who have received the 3rd dose is about 50%. For people from 12 to 17 years old, 1 dose is 99% and 2 doses is 94%.

As of March 17, 2022, Vietnam has reached an agreement on mutual recognition of vaccine passports with 17 countries, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Japan, and Australia. , Republic of Belarus, Republic of India, Kingdom of Cambodia, Republic of the Philippines, Republic of Maldives, State of Palestine, Republic of Turkey, Arab Republic of Egypt, DR Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Republic of Singapore, Republic of Saint Lucia and Korea.

Holders of vaccine passports from these countries entering Vietnam and from Vietnam to these countries may apply the same medical measures as those who have been vaccinated in their home country. This recognition includes exemption from the consular certification/legalization procedure when using this document in the receiving country.


Source: Báo Sức khỏe và Đời sống

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