Housing support for poor households directly to each household

The Ministry of Construction is drafting a Circular guiding the implementation of housing support for poor and near-poor households in poor districts according to Decision No. 90/QD-TTg dated January 18, 2022 of the Prime Minister approving approved the National Target Program for Sustainable Poverty Reduction in the 2021-2025 period.

Households receiving housing support (including new construction or home repair or upgrading) are granted certificates of land use rights and ownership of houses and other land-attached assets.

According to the draft, housing support for poor and near-poor households must ensure the principle of direct support to each household; ensure democracy, publicity, fairness and transparency on the basis of laws and policies of the State; be suitable to the customs and habits of each ethnic group, region or region, preserving the cultural identity of each ethnic group; suitable to practical conditions and associated with socio-economic development master plans and plans of each locality; contribute to the implementation of the new rural construction program.

Simultaneously, mobilizing capital from many sources for implementation, combining with the State and the people to work together. Implementation of support according to the principle of state support in the form of partial direct and loans for new construction or repair of houses with preferential interest rates, community help, households self-organizing construction House.

After receiving support, households must be able to build a new house or repair or upgrade an existing one, ensuring a minimum usable area of ​​30m2 (for single households with no support, there is a it is possible to build houses with a usable area smaller but not lower than 18 m2) and "3 hard" (hard foundation, frame - hard wall, hard roof); the life of the house is 20 years or more. Housing must ensure safety in the event of storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Households receiving housing support (including new construction or repair or upgrading of houses) are granted certificates of land use rights and ownership of houses and other land-attached assets in accordance with regulations of law. the law on land (if required) and can only be transferred after the loan has been paid off (both principal and interest) to the Bank for Social Policies.

In addition, the draft also clearly states that the subjects eligible for housing support under Decision No. 90/QD-TTg must satisfy the following conditions:

1- Being a poor, near-poor household residing in a poor district, poverty criteria are determined according to the Government's Decree No. 07/2021/ND-CP dated January 27, 2021 on regulations on multidimensional poverty lines period 2021-2025, included in the list of poor households managed by the People's Committee of the commune at the time Decision No. 90/QD-TTg takes effect and is an independent household with time to separate until Decision No. 90 /QD-TTg is valid for at least 03 years.

2- Households have not had a house or have had a house but the house is too temporary, damaged, dilapidated, in danger of collapsing and unable to self-improve.

3- Households have not been supported with housing from support programs and policies of the State, other socio-political organizations.

4- In case they have been supported with housing under other housing support programs and policies, they must belong to the following subjects: The house has collapsed or is badly damaged or is in danger of collapsing due to natural disasters. such as: Storms, floods, floods, earthquakes, landslides, fires, but there is no capital to repair and rebuild. Having received housing support under other housing support programs and policies for 10 years or more up to the effective date of Decision No. 90/QD-TTg , but now the house is damaged. , dilapidated, in danger of collapse.

Minh Duc

Source: Cổng thông tin điện tử Chính phủ

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