Guidelines for taking care of pregnant women with COVID-19 at home

The Ministry of Health has just issued Decision 775/QD-BYT dated March 28, 2022 guiding the care and management at home for pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants infected with COVID-19.

Guidelines for taking care of pregnant women with COVID-19 at home

Guidelines for taking care of pregnant women with COVID-19 at home (Artwork)

Accordingly, the instructions for drug use for pregnant women are as follows:

- Antipyretic: used when body temperature is > 38.5°C or severe headache, only use antipyretic drugs containing Paracetamol alone (dosage as directed for adults in Section 5.2 of "Management Guidelines" at home for someone with COVID-19”).

- Medicines to treat other symptoms as needed:

+ Cough: Use folk methods such as lemon, honey, gargle with 0.9% sodium chloride solution. Medicines can be used as cough medicine containing Dextromethorphan, Guaifenesin... or herbal cough medicine. Do not use drugs contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers;

+ Nasal congestion, runny nose: nasal spray, nasal drops with 0.9% sodium chloride solution;

+ Diarrhea: Oresol, zinc supplements (10-20 mg/day).

- Continue to use the drug according to the outpatient prescription if there is an underlying disease or as prescribed by the doctor.

Note: Do not arbitrarily use antiviral, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory drugs for pregnant women, nursing mothers... without indications or prescriptions.

In addition, instructions for monitoring and taking care of health at home for pregnant women with COVID-19 are as follows:

- Monitor health status:

+ Measure body temperature at least twice a day in the morning, afternoon and when there are abnormal signs. Count breathing rate, pulse, SpO2 and blood pressure (if possible) daily;

+ Signs of pregnancy: fetal movements; obstetric abnormalities.

+ Immediately notify medical staff or visit a medical facility when there is one of the abnormal signs in Section 5.1.3 of "Instructions on home management for people with COVID-19" or there is a in any emergency sign or obstetric abnormality as described in Section 1, Part II of these Guidelines.

- Pregnancy management, pregnancy care:

+ Maintain periodical antenatal check-ups according to the National Guidelines for Reproductive Health Care services. In addition, antenatal check-up at any time if abnormal signs are detected or when indicated by medical staff;

+ If the pregnant woman arrives at the scheduled antenatal care appointment and has no abnormal signs of obstetrics, she can conduct antenatal care remotely or advise the pregnant woman to wait until the end of isolation;

+ Follow a healthy diet, be active and exercise, supplement with micronutrients, do not use tobacco and be exposed to secondhand smoke, do not use alcohol, beer and other stimulants, other addictive substances;

+ Maintain iron/folic acid supplements or multi-micronutrient tablets as directed by medical staff (pause when symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea appear).

In addition, the Ministry of Health requires medical stations and home management facilities to regularly keep in contact with pregnant women, nursing mothers and young families infected with COVID-19 at home for counseling and encouragement. mental health and support interventions when needed.

See more at Decision 775/QD-BYT dated March 28, 2022.


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