From April 1, environmental protection tax will be reduced by 2,000 VND/liter of gasoline

On the afternoon of March 23, the National Assembly Standing Committee passed a resolution on reducing environmental protection tax, including a reduction of 2,000 VND/liter of gasoline, 1,000 VND/liter of diesel, fuel oil and lubricants.

From April 1, the environmental protection tax will be reduced by VND 2,000/liter of gasoline (Illustrated photo)

According to National Assembly Vice Chairman Nguyen Duc Hai, the National Assembly Standing Committee agreed to reduce environmental protection tax at the level proposed by the Government. The adjustment level applies from April 1 to December 31, 2022. From January 1, 2023, this tax rate will comply with current regulations in  Resolution 579  of the National Assembly Standing Committee.

Previously, according to the Government's report presented by Finance Minister Ho Duc Phuc, the Government submitted to the National Assembly Standing Committee to adjust the environmental protection tax rate for gasoline, oil and grease groups such as: after: gasoline reduced by 2,000 VND/liter, from 4,000 VND/liter to 2,000 VND/liter; diesel, fuel oil and lubricants reduced by 1,000 VND/liter, from 2,000 VND/liter to 1,000 VND/liter; grease reduced by 1,000 VND/kg, from 2,000 VND/kg to 1,000 VND/kg; kerosene decreased by 700 VND/liter, from 1,000 VND/liter to the floor level of 300 VND/liter.

With jet fuel kept at the current level, the discount is 1,500 VND/liter.

The report clearly states that petroleum is both a strategic, important and essential commodity that has a strong impact on production and business activities of enterprises and people's lives. macroeconomic stability.

The research solution to reduce the environmental protection tax for gasoline, oil and grease is a suitable and necessary solution.   

The reduction of this environmental protection tax will directly contribute to reducing retail prices, thereby limiting the increase in production costs, reducing product costs, stabilizing inflation...

Clarifying the basis for the 50% reduction of environmental protection tax on petroleum products

Presenting the verification report, Chairman of the Finance and Budget Committee Nguyen Phu Cuong said that most of the opinions agreed with the Government's proposal on tax reduction.

However, many people think that the Government has not reported clearly the basis for calculating the tax reduction for each item according to the operating scenarios corresponding to the volatility of crude oil prices in the world.

Mr. Cuong analyzed the fact that crude oil prices on the world market have fluctuated unpredictably recently. At the time the Government drafted the report, the price of oil sometimes reached 130 USD/barrel. However, up to now, crude oil price has dropped to around 100 - 110 USD/barrel.

From there, Mr. Cuong asked the Government to clearly explain the grounds to determine and propose a 50% reduction for all gasoline and oil products and supplement data comparing petrol and oil prices with other countries. in the area to avoid smuggling and transferring gasoline and oil to the outside.

Also according to Mr. Cuong, some opinions believe that the level of environmental protection tax reduction should be taken into account the fluctuations of crude oil prices on the world market in recent days and should not be reduced equally for all countries. commodities (except kerosene) at 50%.

Agreeing with this opinion, the Standing Committee of Finance - Budget proposed the Government to reduce gasoline products to 2,500 VND/liter, equivalent to a decrease of nearly 38% compared to the current level; oil products (diesel oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, grease) reduced by 50%; kerosene is 70% lower than the current level.

Mr. Cuong also said that there was an opinion that crude oil prices fluctuated greatly and unpredictably, it is possible to develop a plan to reduce environmental protection tax according to the price of crude oil to ensure the objectives of environmental protection, balance the budget. state books.

On the issue of the selected tax to be reduced, Mr. Cuong said, most of the opinions said that, in the current conditions and reality of Vietnam, the use of environmental protection tax to regulate gasoline prices is a measure. appropriate policy.

However, according to Mr. Cuong, some people think that most countries reduce taxes through special consumption tax reduction policies. Along with that, according to many opinions, import tax is also an appropriate policy tool that can be used to flexibly adjust the domestic selling price of gasoline and oil.

In addition, the Government studies the possibility of reducing the price operating cycle to be more up-to-date with the fluctuations of the world market. In the long term, in addition to setting up the petrol price stabilization fund in cash, the Government needs to study the possibility of supplementing tools for the fund in kind (petroleum)...


Source: Tuổi trẻ

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