Excellent Law Bachelor considered for admission to the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam

The Ministry of Justice of Vietnam has just released Notice 4520/TB-BTP on recruitment of civil servants of the Ministry of Justice in 2021 according to Decree 140/2017/ND-CP.

According to that, the vacancies, criteria and requirements for training majors are as follows:

An excellent Bachelor of Law can be considered for admission to the Ministry of Justice (Artwork)

Candidates for recruitment

(1) Graduates of excellent universities at domestic or foreign higher education institutions recognized as equivalent in diplomas and certificates as prescribed by law with learning and training results excellent academic year of university, within the age specified in Article 1 of the Youth Law of Vietnam by the time of application submission and meet one of the following criteria:

- Winning three or more individual prizes in one of the provincial competitions for selecting excellent students, winning consolation prizes or more in national competitions for selecting excellent students or Certificates of merit or higher in selected exams, international excellent students in one of the natural sciences (math, physics, chemistry, biology, informatics) and social sciences (language arts, history, geography, foreign languages) in a given period of time at the high school level;

- Winning three or more individual prizes at national or international science and technology competitions during their study at the high school or university level;

- Winning the third prize or more individually at the Olympic competition in one of the subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanics, informatics or other majors during the university study period approved by the Ministry of Education and Training accreditation.

(2) Persons with a master's degree in the age group specified in Article 1 of the Youth Law of Vietnam  by the time of application submission and fully satisfy the following criteria:

- Satisfying one of the three criteria listed in item (1) above;

- Graduated from university with a good grade or higher and majored in postgraduate training in the same discipline as at university level.

(3) Persons who have a doctorate degree, are under 35 years old by the time of submitting the application and fully meet the criteria in item (2) above.

Recruitment method: Admission

Candidate profile includes:

- Application form for recruitment (according to the form issued with Decree 140/2017/ND-CP of Vietnam)

- Copies of diplomas, transcripts of academic results as required by the position applied for, notarized or authenticated by a competent authority.

In case the diploma at a foreign training institution does not clearly indicate the type of good, excellent or excellent, additional documents proving the learning results (assessment and grading of the school; letter of confirmation from the school that the school has passed well,...);

- Certificates of merit, papers notarized or authenticated by competent authorities to prove that personal awards during the study period at high school or university meet the above conditions.

- The certificate of priority subjects in civil servant recruitment (if any) is notarized or authenticated by a competent authority;

- 03 envelopes with stamps, clearly stating the recipient's address and contact phone number.

Recruitment fee: the fee is 500,000 VND/person.

See details at Notice 4520/TB-BTP of Vietnam dated November 29, 2021.

Bao Ngoc

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