05 criteria for residential areas to meet safety, security and order standards

From February 10, 2022, a residential area will be recognized as meeting the "Safety, security and order" standard when it meets all 05 criteria specified in Circular 124/2021/TT-BCA .

05 criteria for residential areas to meet safety, security and order standards

05 criteria for the residential area to meet the standard of "Safety, security and order" (Illustration image)

(1) The first quarter of each year, the cell has a resolution, the registered residential area strives to meet the standard of "Safety, security and order"; 100% of households currently residing in the area registered to participate in the construction of residential areas "Safety in terms of security and order".

(Currently, every year, the Party committee has a resolution, the residential area has a registration to strive to meet the "Safety and security" standard, and 100% of households in the area sign a commitment to emulate construction building a residential area "Safety in terms of security")

(2) Implement and fully implement the guidelines and lines of the Party, policies and laws of the State, and local regulations on the work of ensuring security and order.

(3) Do not let one of the following cases happen:

- Anti-Party, anti-government activities, undermining the great national unity bloc;

- Activities of sabotaging key economic, cultural, social, security and defense objectives and works;

- Propagate and develop illegal beliefs and religions; (New content added)

- Acts of taking advantage of beliefs, religions, ethnicities, disputes and lawsuits to complicate security and order; (currently regulations on contradictions and complicated disputes among the people; large-scale lawsuits and illegal over-level lawsuits).

- Separatist activities, demanding autonomy;

- Complicated and prolonged conflicts and disputes within the People;

- Inciting, instigating, coercing, enticing, bribing, enticing others to gather in large numbers to make complaints, disrupt security and public order, or take advantage of complaints to propagate against the State; infringing upon the interests of the State; distort, slander, threaten or insult the reputation and honor of agencies, organizations and responsible persons assigned to settle complaints and denunciations. (New content added)

(4) Participating in and coordinating effectively in the prevention of crimes, social evils and other law violations in residential areas, including:

- To curb and reduce crimes, social evils and other law violations compared to the previous year;

- Do not allow more serious crimes (except for force majeure cases) or, if so, to promptly detect and use synchronous measures to minimize consequences and immediately report them to competent authorities for handling. ;

(Compared to current regulations, no citizens of residential areas have committed more serious crimes).

- There are no complicated places for social order; there are no people suffering from social evils; effectively carry out the management, education and assistance of all kinds of subjects residing in the area according to the provisions of law ; (Additional content)

- No serious fire or explosion; fatal occupational accidents; serious incidents as prescribed by law (except for force majeure cases).

(5) The force involved in ensuring security and order at the grassroots is assessed to have completed the task or more and no violators will be disciplined.

(Currently, police officers and street guards have completed their tasks well; no police officers or street guards have been disciplined in the form of warnings or more).

Circular 124/2021/TT-BCA takes effect from February 10, 2022 and replaces Circular 23/2012/TT-BCA .


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