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Withdraw cash at ATMs with Citizen ID with chip in seconds

Withdraw cash at ATMs with Citizen ID with chip in seconds

The Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order (C06), the Ministry of Public Security, said that it has coordinated with a number of banks to pilot the service of withdrawing money at ATMs with citizen IDs embedded with chips.

On May 9, talking with Tuoi Tre Online, a representative of C06 emphasized that from now on, as long as they have a citizen ID with a chip, people can withdraw cash at the bank's ATM. Thus, to withdraw cash at ATMs, people have one more form without needing a bank card or using a QR code on a digital banking application.

In particular, the use of chip-based citizen identification when withdrawing cash at ATMs also helps to minimize the risk of card forgery, ensuring safety in financial transactions.

Because after a customer scans a citizen ID card at an ATM, the system immediately checks and compares the information on the chip-mounted citizen ID, instead of using only a password to confirm as before. information.

After that, the verification of the owner's information will be compared with the customer's biometric data in the form of face and fingerprint scanning. This will minimize the risk of card forgery that can happen.

Also according to C06, the implementation of the citizen identification application with chips to replace bank cards is being piloted with a number of large banks and some points in Hanoi and Quang Ninh.

Some people have also experienced the feature of withdrawing money with chip-based citizenship at some banks. It is expected that in the near future, this form of cash withdrawal will be expanded throughout the banking system.

Mr. Do Manh Hung - a customer who participated in the event and experienced the transaction - shared: "In the past, every time I made a transaction at the bank, I had to present my ID card for the bank staff to check the information as well as fill out the form. Manually entering the declaration, the process and waiting takes about 10-15 minutes on average and is easy to fill in wrong information.

However, today, using a chip-based citizen ID to verify information on BIDV's automatic teller machine, all information on my citizen ID is automatically recognized and compared by the bank's system. Fully automatic, accurate, making transactions very fast, simple and convenient. Deposit and withdraw money without using a card and transfer money within 2 minutes.

"The successful implementation of the citizen identification application with a chip on automatic transactions will support the bank in the process of customer authentication, reducing the operational time of staff.

In particular, this form also eliminates the risks of forgery and errors in the operation process compared to the previous conventional ID card comparison check," said the representative of C06.

BIDV and VietinBank are the first banks in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Security in Viet Nam to successfully deploy the application of chip-based citizen identification to withdraw cash at ATMs, helping customers have a new experience.

VietinBank said that the time to verify customer information is very fast, only 6-8 seconds with each transaction. On the other hand, customers who have just converted from ID card to citizen ID card with chip but have not updated their information with the bank can still make normal withdrawals.


Source: Tuổi trẻ


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