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Vietnam: Party members who cohabit before marriage will be disciplined

Vietnam: Party members who cohabit before marriage will be disciplined

Below is the new content specified in Article 51 of Vietnam's Regulation 69-QD/TW in 2022 on discipline of party organizations and party members. Whereby:

- Party members who violate one of the following circumstances, causing less serious consequences, shall be disciplined in the form of reprimand:

+ Not registered for marriage or currently married but still living with another person, such as a husband or wife.

+ Interfering with marriage, divorce, or child marriage.

+ Evading the obligation to care for and raise children, abusing the labor power of minor children

+ Obstructing people who do not directly raise children from visiting their children after divorce (except for cases where parents have restricted visitation rights according to court decisions).

+ Evading or failing to fulfill the guardianship obligation after completing the procedures for guardianship recognition at a competent agency in accordance with the law.

+ Correcting, falsifying contents, forging papers for adoption registration.

+ Violation of the law on surrogacy

- In the case of having been disciplined according to Clause 1 of this Article but recidivism or first violation causes serious consequences or violates one of the following cases, the discipline shall be in the form of warning or dismissal (if there is a position):

+ Violation of correcting, falsifying, or forging marriage registration documents.

+ Lack of responsibility and incorrect confirmation of marital status lead to other people registering illegal or illegal marriages.

+ Making false statements or engaging in deceptive behavior when registering marriage, giving or adopting children, or having a child with someone else while married.

- In case of violation of Clauses 1 and 2 of this Article, causing very serious consequences or in one of the following cases, the discipline shall be in the form of expulsion:

+ Violation of regulations on marriage ban, violation of monogamous marriage regime, affects family happiness, causes bad public opinion in society.

+ Forcing spouses and children to engage in unethical and illegal behavior, but not to the point of criminal prosecution

+ Refusing or failing to perform the parental support obligation, as well as the child support obligation following the divorce, as required by law.

In addition, Regulation 69-QD/TW in 2022 also stipulates the following outstanding contents:

- Party members who voluntarily submit corrupt assets shall be considered for a reduction of the disciplinary level according to Point c, Clause 2, Article 5;

-Discipline party members who run for office or for power according to Article 30;

-Discipline Party members who encroach on public land for personal gain according to Article 42.

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