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Vehicle plate number auction in Vietnam: Only the winning plate number can be transferred together with the vehicle

Vehicle plate number auction in Vietnam: Only the winning plate number can be transferred together with the vehicle

The Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam finalizes the draft Resolution of the National Assembly on pilot granting the right to choose to use car number plates through auction and proposes the Ministry of Justice to appraise it according to its competence.

The draft Resolution proposes a number of issues as follows:

1. Number plates are being auctioned off.

- The license plate of the car put up for auction is a white background number plate with black letters and numbers in the warehouse of unregistered number plates, which the Public Security Agency plans to issue new monthly, quarterly, 6 month, or 1 year; Organizations, businesses, and individuals wishing to auction can choose any number plate in the auction number warehouse to participate in the auction.

- Do not put up an auction for license plates issued for vehicles purchased from the State budget, vehicles of the Army used for national defense purposes, vehicles of military enterprises doing business, or vehicles of foreign business organizations. foreign countries, diplomatic missions, representative offices of international organizations, and foreigners working in such agencies and organizations operating in the Vietnamese territory.

2. Auction winners' rights and obligations

- To use the winning number plate from the auction;

- When transferring a vehicle, the auction winner is entitled to retain the number plate to register for another vehicle owned, transferred (sold, given as a gift, inherited) of the winning number plate according to the vehicle, but the assignee Vehicles with the winning number plate attached to the auction are not entitled to keep the winning number plate to register for another vehicle.

- Obligations of the auction winner: It is not allowed to transfer the winning number plate at the auction (except for the case where the winning number plate is transferred according to the vehicle).

3. Starting bid for auctioned number plates

- Region 1 (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City): 40,000,000 VND

- Region 2 (including the remaining localities): 20,000,000 VND

4. The case of only selling to one person

When the time limit for participation registration expires, only one person registers to participate in the auction, one person participates in the auction, and one person bids at least the starting price at the first auction.

5. Use of auction revenue

The proceeds from the number plate auction, after deducting the costs of organizing the auction as prescribed, will divide the revenue at the rate of 70% to be paid to the central budget and 30% to the local budget.

For details, see the Draft Resolution Report.

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