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Prohibited content in cinematography activities

Prohibited content in cinematography activities

The National Assembly of Vietnam has just promulgated the Cinematography Law No. 05/2022/QH15 on June 15th, 2022. Accordingly, Article 9 of this Law clearly stipulates the prohibited contents and acts in specific cinematographic activities as follows:

- Violating the Constitution and laws; inciting opposition to or sabotaging the implementation of the Constitution and laws;

- Propagandizing against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; undermining the great national unity bloc; causing harm to the national interests, ethnicity and cultural values ​​of Vietnam; insulting the National Flag, Party Flag, National Emblem, National Anthem;

- Propagandizing  incite wars of aggression, causing hatred and discrimination among ethnic groups and people of other countries, spreading reactionary ideas and social evils; destroy culture, social morality;

- Distorting the nation's history, denying revolutionary achievements; offend the nation, famous people, national heroes; misrepresentation, infringing upon national sovereignty; slander and offend the reputation of agencies and organizations and the honor and dignity of individuals;

- Spreading and supporting terrorism and extremism;

- Inciting and insulting beliefs and religions; propagate and promote | religious activities

- Disclosing state secrets, personal secrets and other secrets as prescribed by law;

- Inciting violence, criminal acts by detailing how to perform, images, sounds, dialogues, scenes of beatings, torture, barbaric murder, brutality and other acts that are offensive. infringing upon human dignity, except in the case of displaying such contents to criticize, denounce and condemn crimes, uphold justice, and honor traditional and cultural values;

- Show details of images, sounds, lewd, depraved, incestuous dialogues;

- Violating the lawful rights and interests of children and minors;

- Violation of principles of gender equality, gender stereotypes, gender discrimination.

The Cinematography Law 2022 takes effect from January 1st, 2023 in Vietnam.


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