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Pathways for Bachelor of Law to become a Procurator

Pathways for Bachelor of Law to become a Procurator

Procurators are persons working in people's procuracies, appointed in accordance with law to perform the functions of exercising the right to prosecute and supervise judicial activities.

It is not enough to have a Bachelor's degree in Law to become a procurator. The Bachelor of Laws needs to go through the following process to become a Procurator:

Step 1: Participate in professional training courses for procurators

If the Bachelor of Law has not received professional training, the procurator needs to complete the procurator's professional leadership course (duration: 9 months).

Step 2: Participate in the examination of recruitment of procuracy officials

Information on the examination and recruitment of public servants in the People's Procuracy is published on many mass media such as: Website of the provincial/ city-level People's Procuracy,.... To be specific, there is the basic information about the position, the number of vacancies, the conditions for application, the time,....

Forms of application for civil servants in the procuracy sector include: Admission and entrance examination

Conditions for application:

- Being a Vietnamese citizen and residing in Vietnam;

- Age requirements: Male not exceeding 35 years old; Female not exceeding 30 years old.

- Health and appearance requirements: Sufficient health for work according to the conclusion of the competent health authority; not suffering from anomalies, defects, defects, stuttering, slurred speech; Male from 1.60 m tall, weighing 50 kg or more; Female from 1.55 m tall, weighing 45 kg or more;

- Having an application form; having a clear background and family history and not violating the regulations of the Party, the State and the People's Procuratorate on internal political protection;

- Having good ethical qualities

The content of the exam includes:

Round 1:

+ General knowledge of the political system, organizational structure of the Party and State: multiple-choice test

+ Foreign language (English): multiple-choice exam

+ Informatics: multiple-choice exam

Round 2:

+ Professional examination in supervising majors: Written exam

After that, the Selection Board will terminate the exam and announce the exam score and the deadline for appeal.

Successful candidates earn the highest score or less until they meet the recruitment criteria and pass the process of verifying the political background of the applicant in the locality.

If they meet the requirements of the requirements, they will issue a Decision to recruit civil servants.

Step 4: Participate in the exam to recruit procurators

After completing the professional training course. You will be eligible to take the procuratorial entrance exam at all levels. Title appointed to the major after passing the exam: Official.

Step 5: Appointed as Procurator

After completing all the above steps, depending on the needs of the procuracy staff, you may be appointed to become a procurator.

Since then, when you continue to work for a while, you will go to school and take the exam, and the pass exam will appoint the Primary-level Procurator. Continue working for 5 years at the primary procurator, continue the exam, the exam will appoint the intermediate procurator. Similar to the appointment of senior procurators and procurators of the Supreme People's Procuracy.

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