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Massively withdrawing social insurance once: Reducing the retirement age or reducing the number of years of premium payment?

Massively withdrawing social insurance once: Reducing the retirement age or reducing the number of years of premium payment?

Non-state workers cannot keep working until the age of 62 and especially if they do, the pension will not survive when they are old.

Around the one-time social insurance withdrawal that the Laborer Newspaper has continuously reported, we continue to receive valid comments from readers to help improve the social insurance policy, towards the goal of ensuring sustainable social security for employees. 

Welfare experts say that the one-time withdrawal of social insurance is mainly among workers with low incomes and no savings, so when they lose their jobs, they face many economic difficulties. When faced with the choice of having to borrow to take care of life and receive a one-time social insurance, employees often choose the following option. Even if it is less than 1 year after leaving the job, employees also choose to mortgage their social insurance books to receive an amount equal to only 50%-60% of the amount they should have received, while the regulations on paying social insurance premiums are limited. It takes at least 20 years to receive a pension, making it difficult for many employees to achieve.

Reader Huynh Quang Khai asked the question: "Paying social insurance contributions for 32 years to receive a 55% pension or waiting for 10 years to receive 75% of salary (full 60), do the calculation and you will know why the employee wants to withdraw 1 time? ". From the same point of view, reader Hoang Dan insists on withdrawing social insurance once because the salary cannot keep up with the escalating prices, withdrawing once to cover life and do more things than wait for retirement. Health insurance gives a few pills that never go away, if you want to get rid of the disease, you have to buy drugs outside the list of health insurance. Well, let's go there or go there."

For further analysis, a reader named Nam wrote: "Why do employees have to withdraw social insurance once, because paying social insurance premiums for non-state employees cannot be maintained until the age of 62 and especially if so, the salary According to reader Nguyen Thanh Tuy, employees' rights when they do not want to reserve social insurance, they withdraw, because when they do not have stable jobs, where can they get money to maintain social insurance and benefits? The talent with businesses to protect workers' rights is not close enough. Around the age of 40, businesses are looking for ways to not use workers of this age. Similarly, a reader named Liem said: "The reason why workers, especially those outside the state sector, withdraw their social insurance once a day a lot is because they find they don't have the opportunity to receive a pension. In fact, after the age of 50, the employee is arranged to quit by the employer.

According to reader Le Hoang Nhan, the current Law on Social Insurance has many shortcomings, so it cannot keep participants. A person who pays 20 years now earns the same average salary as someone who pays 10 years. Then don't withdraw 1 new time. An anonymous reader wrote: Salary in 2000 was 500,000 VND to buy 1 gold, now 7,000,000 can buy one, but the salary when retired is averaged, even with the multiplier, but it is not suitable. Therefore, the salary of employees receiving pension is usually low. should only base on salary a few months before leaving is appropriate.

Around the issue of retirement age, according to reader Anh Thuong, the retirement age of unskilled workers 60-62 is not appropriate. Wanting people to participate in social insurance should reduce the retirement age for this object lower, only increase for public employees, public employees and office workers. Sharing the same opinion, reader Duong Thi Cuc, what employees need is to reduce the retirement age, not the year of premium payment. Similarly, the reader named Hai also said that what employees want is to reduce the age of receiving insurance.

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Source: Báo Người lao động


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