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Guidelines on how to read the information on LURC in Vietnam

Guidelines on how to read the information on LURC in Vietnam

Transactions related to land use rights are common in practice. And it is very important for the buyer to understand the important information of the land parcel printed on the certificate of land use rights, ownership of houses and other assets attached to the land (LURC) before any transaction. Below are guidelines on how to read the information on the LURC in Vietnam.

According to the provisions of Article 3 of Circular 23/2014/TT-BTNMT of Vietnam, the Certificate consists of 4 pages and each page contains the following contents:

Page 1 consists of:

- National name, emblem and the words “Certificate of land use right, house ownership and properties associated with the land”; section.

- Name of landuser, owner of house and properties associated with the land”.

- Issue number of the Certificate (serial number) including 02 Vietnamese letters and 06 digits printed in black with embossing seal of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment;

Page 2 consists of:

- Land lot, house and other constructional works, production forest as grown forest, perennials  and note;

- Signing date of Certificate and organization issuing Certificate;

- The recorded number in Certificate issuing book;

You should note important information such as:

- Identify land parcel number, Map number.

- Information on housing and land area must match with cadastral records and reality.

- Form of use is separate use or joint use.

- The purpose of land use is residential land, land for perennial crops, land for annual crops, agricultural land...

- The duration of land use is permanentor or has definite duration and has expired or not

- The address of the land parcel.

- Determination of assets attached to land: Record at the location of other construction works.

- Determining the origin of land use:

Page 3 consitst of:

- Plan of land parcel, house and other properties associated with the land

- Changes after the issuance of Certificate

The information on this page 3 helps us identify:

- Determine the direction of the land plot: The arrow points to the North, the right is the East, the left is the West.

- Determine the size of the edges based on the current drawing on the certificate. Inscribed directly on the edges. Or based on the distance between the points.

- Determine whether the land plot has a recognized path or not.

Page 4 consitst of:

- Page 4 with black words including the next contents of the Certificate on page 3 as follows:

+ Record owner change information

+ Record information on change of land use purpose.

+ Record the status of financial obligations. Including tax debt.

+ Record information to correct GCN

+ Record information on mortgage status as collateral.

- Contents of note to person issued with Certificate.

- Barcode.

Additional page (if any) consitst of:

Additional page of Certificate with black letters including the words “Additional page of Certificate”; land parcel number, issue number of Certificate; recorded number in Certificate issuing book and section “IV. Changes after the issuance of Certificate”; as in page 4 of the Certificate;

According to Clause 3, Article 20 of Vietnam's Circular 23/2014/TT-BTNMT, to identify whether the Certificate has additional pages or not, we check whether on page 4 the Certificate has a border stamp or not and has a note the words "Attached to this Certificate, there is an additional page number: 01,..." or not.

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