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From September 1, 2022, 5 types of information required when sending goods by passenger automobile in Vietnam

From September 1, 2022, 5 types of information required when sending goods by passenger automobile in Vietnam

On July 19, 2022, the Government of Vietnam issued Decree 47/2022/ND-CP amending and supplementing a number of articles of Decree 10/2020/ND-CP stipulating regulations on conditions for transport business using automobile. The Decree takes effect from September 1, 2022

Below is the notable addition regulations on transport business units in the work of ensuring traffic safety in transport business by automobiles as follows:

Auto passenger transport businesses, drivers and staffs serving on automobiles (if any) (hereinafter referred to as “consignors”) shall, when receiving consignment goods (consignees do not accompany the goods by), require the consignees to fully and accurately provide information including names of goods, volumes (if any), full names, addresses, ID numbers and phone numbers of consignees and consignors.

Thus, from September 1, customers consigning by automobiles need to provide complete and accurate information about the name of the goods with weight (if any), full name, address, ID card or Citizen ID card, contact phone numbers of both sender and receiver. This regulation aims to limit the situation where some subjects take advantage of the laxity of passenger car transport to consign and transport banned goods and banned substances.

In addition, the Decree also stipulates: Cars having fewer than 10 seats (including the driver) converted from cars with at least 10 seats are prohibited from being used in the passenger transport business. Cars whose size or appearance resembles those with at least 09 seats (including the driver) are prohibited from being used in the taxi business.

Cars having fewer than 10 seats converted from those which have at least 10 seats (including drivers) whose signage is issued before the day on which this Decree comes into force may continue to use in passenger transport business until the end of their prescribed service life specified in this Decree.

Regarding regulations on the installation of dash cams for automobiles, Decree 47/2022/ND-CP stipulates: From July 01, 2023, auto transport businesses which must install cameras according to regulations hereof must, upon starting transport business for the first time, install automobile trackers integrated with cameras for being issued signage. Automobile trackers integrated with cameras must fully meet regulations in this Decree.

Transport business units that are required to install cameras include: automobiles for passenger transport business with a capacity of 09 seats (including the driver) or more, automobiles for goods transport business such as containers, tractors.

At the same time, Clause 8 and Clause 9, Article 19 of Decree 10/2020/ND-CP dated January 17, 2020, of the Government on regulations on business and conditions for transport business by car are fully annulled.

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