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Collection of judgments with subjects who are wanted in Vietnam

Collection of judgments with subjects who are wanted in Vietnam

I would like to know more about regulations on subjects who are wanted in Vietnam "Minh Ha-Hai Duong, Vietnam"

Lawnet would like to answer your questions as follows:

What is a manhunt?

Manhunt is a criminal procedure activity of the Vietnamese people's police force in the fight against crime in order to detect, search, and arrest people under wanted who are hiding under the decisions of competent authorities, serving the investigation, prosecution, trial, and execution of prison or death sentences.

A manhunt means the investigation agency makes a decision to track down the whereabouts of a criminal law violator (with or without a court judgment) when that person flees or does not know where he or she is. The wanted decision is required to carry out the manhunt. 

Subjects who are wanted

- The accused or defendants who absconded or whose whereabouts are unknown.

- Persons who being sentenced to expulsion or serving expulsion sentence absconded.

- Persons who being sentenced to imprisonment absconded.

- Persons who being sentenced to death absconded.

- Persons who serving imprisonment sentence or being permitted to suspend the serving of imprisonment sentence or postpone the serving of criminal sentence absconded.

Some Judgment regarding wanted fugitive

Judgment 47/2019/HS-PT dated March 21, 2019 on gambling charges

- Level of trial: Appellate

- Judicial body: People's Court of Thai Nguyen province

- From the content: "The arrest of the defendants is illegal because neither the families nor the defendants themselves received any papers, nor were the wanted warrants posted in the commune, and the family was not informed by the police. Defendant T worked as a pork seller from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. when he returned home, did not run away, and defendant S worked as a hired worker. If the procedure-conducting agencies have enough evidence to prove that T and S are guilty of gambling, the 6-month penalty is too heavy to recommend the Court of Appeal apply a fine to the defendant."

Judgment on property theft No. 81/2022/HS-ST

- Level of trial: First instance

- Judicial body: Hai Ba Trung District People's Court, Hanoi

- Quoting the content: "On May 2, 1997, the Investigation Police Agency of Hai Ba Trung District decided to prosecute the case and prosecute the accused against Nguyen Thi S for the act of 'Theft of property'. property of citizens" as prescribed in Article 155 of the Penal Code 1985; Issued the wanted decision No. 126 dated May 2, 1997 for Nguyen Thi S. According to the wanted decision, S was handed over to the investigative police agency of Hai Ba Trung District Police. During the arrest, the Police Department seized from S. 01 a gray iPhone 6 cell phone.

Judgment 86/2020/HSST dated September 11, 2020 for illegal possession of military weapons

- Level of trial: First instance

- Judicial body: Son La province's People's Court

- From the content: "Related to illegal narcotics trading since 2007, and wanted by the Investigation Police Agency of Yen Bai Province Police, Giang A. N. picked up a gun marked Type 07 bullets during his time in hiding. Despite knowing it was a military gun and ammunition, N kept it with him for self-defense and hunting wild animals.On May 9, 2020, Giang A N was arrested under the Wanted Order by District M police, and the evidence of the gun and the number of bullets mentioned above were seized.

Judgment 13/2021/HS-ST dated 02/02/2021 for intentionally causing injury

- Level of trial: First instance

- Judicial body: People's Court of Cam Xuyen district, Ha Tinh province

- Quoting the content: "During the investigation and prosecution as well as at the trial, defendant Le Van S confessed all of his crimes.The defendant's testimony is objective and consistent with the prosecution's indictment, the testimony of the victim, the witness, as well as other documents and evidence in the case file.
Therefore, the trial panel has grounds to conclude:At about 21:30 on August 3, 2019, at Mr. Ngo Duc B's house, in hamlet 7, commune C, district C, Ha Tinh province,
Because he was angry that Mr. B did not continue to sing Karaoke, he slapped his face with his hand and sent him back, so on the way back, Le Van S picked up four stones and threw them at Ngo Van B, of which three flew into his yard and a lump hit his face, causing Mr. Ngo Duc B to be injured and requiring emergency treatment.Mr. Ngo Duc B was injured as a result, losing 25% of his health.After committing the crime, he fled, and on November 14, 2020, Le Van S was arrested under a wanted warrant.

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