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Collection of judgments for the murder of "lover" in Vietnam

Collection of judgments for the murder of "lover" in Vietnam

“My friend has a crush on a very hot-tempered guy, once he got into a fight and he threatened to kill her. I advised her to break up with him because it would be dangerous to fall in love again but she still thinks he's just threatening and never killing. I hope the Editorial Board can find me the murder convictions, so that I can send them to my friend. Thank you!" _Nhu Y (Da Nang)

1. Judgment 16/2020/HS-PT dated January 15, 2020 on murder charges

- Judicial body:  High People's Court in Ho Chi Minh City.

- Quote from the content: “Tran Nhat D and Van Anh T have been in a homosexual relationship since 2011, but T often threatens to beat D and those who are in a relationship with D due to jealousy. In 2013, when renting a room in Ho Chi Minh City to study at university, T also forbade threatening to hit whenever D got acquainted with other people, so D had the intention to kill T. To carry out his intention, approx. In February 2014, D bought 200g of Potassium Cyanide for 200,000 VND from an unknown young man to wait for a favorable opportunity to kill T. On May 15, 16, 2014, D cooked instant noodles. and put in ½ teaspoon of poison Potassium Cyanide to give T to eat, but just ate one chopstick, he vomited, so he told D to try it, D didn't say it was spoiled and took it away. Around 8:30 p.m. on May 19, 2014, T complained of a headache, so he asked D to take medicine for T to drink, taking advantage of this opportunity D took two pre-prepared green-headed and red-headed capsules to take out all the medicine then put the poison Potassium Cyanide in two pills and gave it to T to drink, about a minute later, T fell to the brick floor and died soon after."

2.  Judgment 99/2018/HSPT dated 13/03/2018 for murder

- Judicial body:  High People's Court in Da Nang.

- Quote content: "DANG QUANG T has a love relationship with Phan Le Ngoc H, but because of emotional conflicts, H broke up with T from the beginning of December 2016. However, T repeatedly wanted to reconnect while H did not agree. On December 21, 2016, T went to the L market area, T commune, district H to buy a black plastic knife about 30cm long, a bottle of liquid herbicide, and a sleeping pill labelled "Duong tam an than PV", all the things on T left in his school bag and brought back to hide at home, after that day T took a picture of the sleeping pill and sent it to H via social networks and threatened to commit suicide if H refused to resume the relationship. On December 24, 2016, T texted H to request an appointment on the afternoon of December 15, 2016 to meet H for the last time at D cafe at 263 T street, Da Nang city to talk. On December 25, 2016, T contacted the owner of cafe D to ask for the entire upper floor of the shop,

3. Judgment 21/2020/HSST dated September 18, 2020 for murder

- Judicial agency:  People's Court of Bac Lieu province.

- Quote content: “Dang Van T, born in 1995 and Ms. Nguyen Kim L, born in: 1976 (shop owner 9999) know and love each other. At about 8 pm, on 11/11/2019 when T was at the pub 9999, Mr. Ngo Minh T1 came to drink, and then Ms. L and Ms. Pham Thi Le H went to drink with Mr. T1, while T lay in a hammock outside. Because T did not want Ms. L to drink with Mr. T1, he said loudly: "If you have seven or eight bottles of beer, you will drink until 1 am, knowing if you have to sell or not". After that, there was a conflict between Ms. L and T; L used her hand and spoon to scoop up ice and a bottle of filtered water to beat T and then went to the next drinking room. After that, T used his right hand to take the bib knife and slashed many times in the direction from top to bottom to hit Ms. L's head, and Ms. L raised her hand to support it, so it hit her hand. Ms. L ran out of the room when T chased and slashed her back, causing Ms. L to fall to the brick floor next to the toilet; T rushed to slash L's body many times…”

4 . Judgment 41/2017/HSST dated 16/11/2017 for murder

- Judicial agency:  People's Court of Tay Ninh province.

- Quote content: Defendant Le Van D and Nguyen Thi Mong T have a loving relationship. Because of hearing that Ms. T knew Mr. Nguyen Trung Binh, D was suspicious and jealous. On August 12, 2017, after drinking alcohol, at about 20:00 on the same day, D drove a motorbike with plate number 70G1-377.97 and carries 01 (one) metal knife 33cm long, 4.6cm wide at the widest place to Auchan supermarket in Quarter 3, Ward X, TN city, Tay Ninh province to find Ms. T. Arriving at Auchan supermarket, D left the car outside the gate and then entered the supermarket gate, saw that Ms. T was walking with Mr. B and Ms. T's children out of the supermarket, Ms. T handed her children over to Mr. B to carry them to the car, while she was standing facing the car. At this time, D went over and patted Ms. T's shoulder and asked, "Have you stopped denying?" at the same time using a knife to stab Ms. T's back 02 times from top to bottom, Ms. T turned around and pushed D away, then D continued to stab D with a knife 03 more times into the abdomen and chest of Ms. T. At this time, Mr. B kicked open the door of the car's cab, hit D and hit D with an iron knife to the ground, then together with the security guard of the supermarket controlled D and handed it over to the police for handling. Ms. T was taken to Tay Ninh Provincial General Hospital for emergency treatment, but her injuries were too severe and she died.

5. Sentence 37/2020/HSST dated June 19, 2020 for murder

- Judicial agency:  People's Court of Dong Nai province.

- Quote from the content: "Dao Cong C and Ms. Tran Thi Gia M, born in 2001 living in town C1, district C2, Can Tho city have a love relationship. In 2019, Ms. M worked as an employee at G barbershop owned by M's brother, Tran Gia B2. In February 2019, C discovered that Ms. M was in a relationship with another man, so he went to Ms. M to talk and Ms. M admitted and promised to end her relationship with this man. However, around the beginning of August 2019, C continued to discover that Ms. M had a romantic relationship with Mr. Bui Tien D2, born in 1995, living in hamlet X4, T8 commune, T9 district, province L, C decided to go to Ms. M to clarify everything, if Ms. M continues to have an affair with Mr. D2, then C will kill Ms. M and then commit suicide."

6.Judgment 127/2018/HSPT dated 18/04/2018 for murder

- Judicial body:  High People's Court in Da Nang.

- Quote content: Ms. Dang Thi H (born in 1986) and Mr. Huynh Duc N have a love relationship. Due to suspicion of Ms. H having an affair, around 11pm on June 18, 2017, Huynh Duc N drove a motorcycle BKS 43 S9-10XX to Ms. H's room to rent. Mr. N used the phone number 0932556XXX and texted Ms. H's phone number 0905557XXX to ask Ms. H to return to the motel room, but Ms. H did not return because she was far away, so N opened the door of the motel room to get a plastic bottle of Aquafina brand, 500ml capacity, brought out to withdraw gasoline from the motorcycle BKS 43S9-10XX extracted into a plastic bottle with the purpose of waiting for Ms. H to come back and threaten to burn Ms. H. After Ms. H returned to the motel room, N took a knife from her pocket to hold it. H's right hand reached her face threateningly and then dropped the knife on the mattress. Then N went to the place where Ms. H's bag was left, took a gas bottle, opened the cap, and hit Ms. H twice, the gasoline splashed into Ms. H's eyes, so Ms. H said "it's so hot, brother, the petrol got in my eyes", then N say "I'll kill you"."

7. Judgment 392/2019/HS-ST dated October 17, 2019 for murder and robbery

- Judicial body:  Ho Chi Minh City People's Court.

- Quote from the content: "In 2010 between H and Ms. Dam Y N had a loving relationship. By about July 2017, they had conflicts and quarrels and rarely met, but mainly communicated by phone. On May 26 and 27, 2018, H and Ms. N contacted each other by phone and arranged to meet on May 31, 2018 at H's rented house to eat and drink together. Then Ms. N will stay overnight with H.

At about 10 pm on May 31, 2018, H and N went up the mezzanine to the bedroom and they had sex. After that, Ms. N told H that She had a new boyfriend and was going to get married, and then H and Ms. N talked about other things for a while, then N was sleeping with her left side lying, facing the wall, resting her head on H's left hand, while H was lying down thinking about N's going to get married, leaving H, so she had an idea to killing Ms. N. At about 00:30 on June 1, 2018, Mr. H used his left hand to cover Ms. N's mouth (for the purpose of preventing Ms. N from shouting) and using his right hand to wrap around Ms. N's neck and then squeeze it. , and at the same time roll from right to left, flip Ms. N to lie on her back on H's body and use her legs to clamp Ms. N's legs to prevent Ms. N from struggling, until Ms. N lies motionless and H loosens her arms. When she came out, Ms. N hiccupped to catch her breath, and then H continued to strangle Ms. N's neck very hard until Ms. N could no longer move."


Nguyen Sang

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